Inquiry Learning and HSIE

In the HSIE syllabus it is noticeable that throughout the document students will need to use the skill of Inquiry Learning as it is embedded in not only in the table of ‘Values and Attitudes’ but also ‘Knowledge and Understanding’. Skills, Values and Attitudes and Knowledge and Understanding all interlink with each other which is why it is important for the teacher to express the importance of using inquiry learning in their teaching. Each of these strands has an important aspect in the teaching of HSIE and each require the use of inquiry learning to help the students to engage and take control of their own learning rather than being all teacher directed.

The HSIE, 2006 syllabus says that within HSIE students will be given the opportunity to be involved in asking difficult questions, being able to developing inquiry learning skills and “providing experiences that are meaningful for students, engaging them with actual people, places and issues wherever possible”. ( p. 7). This is an important aspect to understand and use when it comes to using inquiry learning in HSIE as it allows like stated above for the students to be a part of their learning rather than the teacher depicting what the students must do regarding a topic being studied.

Education Broadcasting Corporation (2004) agrees with what is mentioned in the HSIE syllabus and argues that inquiry learning allows the students to be involved in the process of their learning.

The Galileo Educational Network (2011) says that the relevance for learning through a variety of hands on activities, reading and being able to work in groups and independently  and being actively involved in topics being taught in class is important as it leads to a better understanding of what the topic is about. The Galileo Educational Network (2011) continues to say that the involvement in learning implies that the students are able to use the skills and attitudes that lead in to being able to seek resolutions to questions and issues whilst new knowledge is being constructed.

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